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My Philosophy and Practice



Massage therapy is the tool I use to share with others to bring relaxation, relief from acute or chronic pain, and improve their overall wellness.  My personal priority in providing massage is to reduce pain.  Life itself is stressful enough, but dealing with pain on a daily basis only leads to more stress.  Bringing about relaxation to decrease stress, anxiety and allow you to take a break from the daily grind is something I attempt to incorporate into every session, including deep tissue. 

Each session is centered around your needs as a client, whether that's the desire to simply relax, increase flexibility and range of motion, or break up adhesions (knots) in your tissue.  Before each session time is spent to go over your concerns and gain a clear understanding of what your desire is to obtain from the session.  At the completion of each session time is set aside for you to relax before you depart, nothing ruins a great massage more than being rushed out while you're still in that state of relaxation.  A brief post consultation is provided along with a follow up plan to keep you on track to your desired plan for wellness improvement.

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