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What to expect

Make sure you arrive on time for your session.  Your first visit will include a brief review of your health history as well as any recent surgeries, injuries and medication you take that may be contraindicative for massage, or certain types of massage.  Time is set aside so that the pre-consult doesn't interfere with you receiving your entire massage session time.  We will review your wellness goals, areas of pain or concern you may have, and discuss any questions you have prior to starting.  During the session modest draping is performed, only the body part being worked on is removed from the linen and blanket.  


It's important that you communicate during the session if anything needs adjusted - table heat, massage pressure, etc.  Many times a client becomes aware of areas that were not causing discomfort prior to the session.  Sessions are adjusted as much as possible to work on newly found problem spots to give you the most relief from each session.  It's very important to be properly hydrated.  Drinking plenty of water allows your muscles to release adhesions.  Your body is on average 60-65% water and the connective tissue (fascia) is around 70%.  Being dehydrated increases adhesions in the muscle and connective tissue and makes releases much more difficult.  

Post session we will review the session including adhesions found, restricted range of motion, overly tight muscles and help you to determine a wellness plan to align with your personal goals.  Keep in mind, massage is a compounding result.  The more frequent and regular you are with sessions, the better the results you will see.  No one goes to the gym a couple times a year, or diets a couple days out of the year and expects to see results.  Granted, massage doesn't need to be a daily thing like the aforementioned items, but consistency is the key to gaining results and maintaining them.  The average client can expect to have between 2-3 weeks or longer of lasting results once in a maintenance phase.  Of course some people are exceptions to the rule due to circumstances in life such as overly stressful lifestyles, jobs or routines that put the body in unnatural positions, etc.  I'll do my best to help you achieve better health through improved flexibility, reduced muscle adhesions and overall stress reduction.

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